DUO | MTa (Marshall Tittemore architects)
DUO creative studio with a focus on branding and print design.
Design, calgary, illustration, graphic design, creative, duo
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MTa (Marshall Tittemore architects)

MTa approached us about re-envisioning their current site and creating a new portfolio showcase for their plethora of projects. Their new site is to have an ease-of-use usability for both their clients to view but for their staff to update on a continuous basis. We wanted the site to be a directory of all their great projects but to be a supportive framework for cataloging all of their work. This project materialized fairly easy for us as we have such a passion and admiration for architecture and have wanted to produce a project like this for some time now, so it was such a pleasure to work on and with MTa to create their new portfolio.


May 24, 2017